"Please know that having an ARMHS worker has made a definite positive impact in keeping me stable mental health-wise.”


Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) can assist and support a recipient in areas such as; mental illness symptom management skills, interpersonal communication skills, community resource utilization and integration skills, relapse prevention skills and healthy lifestyle skills.

The purpose of ARMHS is to help individuals who have a mental illness, to function independently in their homes or places of residence. The four areas of services are: Basic Living and Social Skills, Community Intervention, Medication Education and Transitioning to Community Living.

  • Help you learn more about mental illness and managing symptoms
  • Help you achieve your dreams such as:
  • Obtaining an education
  • Assisting in gaining the skills to secure a job
  • Finding and Maintaining Housing
  • Expanding your social network
  • Achieving financial stability
  • Medication education
  • Managing symptoms related to Mental Health

Who qualifies for ARMHS?

  • Anyone 18 or older
  • Diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Has impairment in three or more areas of functioning
  • Has a recent diagnostic assessment or updated diagnostic assessment that documents ARMHS is medically necessary to address identified disability and functional impairments

We currently serve recipients in St. Louis, Carlton, Pine Chisago, Isanti and Mille Lacs counties.

Could you or someone you know with mental health concerns use extra one on one support? Have you thought about ARMHS?


“I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to your team for providing such fantastic support and services. I remain
a big fan of Safe Transitions and am just so thankful for the expertise and thoughtfulness
you put into supporting our people. You are truly making a difference out here and
changing lives for the better.”